Web Development

Standard software solution canĀ“t always fulfill every need an organisation has. Sometimes a tailored solution is the answer to ensure the best possible outcome.

Onsope offers programming and consultancy in regards to your specific project - making sure that every step is considered - and that the final result is flexible and easily integrated with your current workflow.

- Onscope mainly developes in .net with MSSQL as database.

Websites and shops

Websites are the foundation of all online customer communication and marketing.

Onscope supplies a wide range of different webshops ranging from the tradional open webshop to the closed B2B portal. Primary focus from Onscope is not only making a beautiful and fast solution - but also a solution which is integrated to your current workflow

- making your day simple and more effective.

Making Digital Life Simple


  • Validation pages
  • Approval Rating Systems
  • Marketing Platforms
  • Internal Registration
  • Booking Systems


  • .net, php, javascript
  • Umbraco, Bootstrap
  • MSSQL, MySql
  • OpenCart, Magento, NopCommerce
  • Hosted or offline Solutions